Cervical Cancer Awarness

I wrote this when I decided to no longer be silent about being a Cervical Cancer survivor. “January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month and  I am a SURVIVOR of Cervical Cancer!!! This year will mark 4 years that I have been Cancer Free!!! When I was going through I decided not tell anyone and this included my family and close friends. I wanted to live my life as normal as possible. Many saw me go through the changes from the weight loss, my hair thinning and cutting it short, being fatigue, the pain I dealt with, and the numerous doctor visits. One of my close friends who I will be eternally grateful for because when I felt like giving up they were their Encouraging me and Supporting me without even knowing all the details. I had Stage One Cervical Cancer.  Early detection is the key. I informed my family and friends  about 3mths before I had surgery to have my Cervix removed. YES, I got fussed out by them all. Especially my mom and my sisters conversations I will never forget.. (Lol) So, I’m choosing to no longer be silent.”

It took me 4 years before I started talking about it. Many of my family members didn’t know until I made the post about. I’ve always been a private person and didn’t like to talk about my life. To me everyone has issues and has overcame things what makes my story any different than theirs. What makes my life struggles any different than others. Well the truth is nothing but no one can tell my story like I can. I although we may have went through the same thing our paths still may be different. So I decided to make a video this year to talk about it and also some of my struggles with my health. This year marks 7 years cancer free. I hope this helps someone. I hope it lets you know that you are not alone and that it encourages you in some way. #Teal4Tasha


Published by Tasha Marie

Come share my world, my pains and growth as embark on this new journey of my life.

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