My Truth: Shattered

A couple of months ago I was trying find a word to describe my current space. Shattered is what came to mind. 

●to damage, as by breaking or crushing

It seemed my world had crashed and everything was unfamiliar to me. I felt that I had lost more than I had gained. My dreams, my Hopes, my love, my future that I had envisioned, myself, friendships, trust and faith just to name a few.

Everything that could have went wrong for this photoshoot did. I was at my breaking point to be honest. I was ready to call the entire thing off but I managed to pull myself together and push through. When we got to the outside photoshoot. I was barely standing in the inside. I just wanted breakdown and cry. (I broke down when I got Tears were shed because of what it signified. I was shattering the negative way I viewed myself and amongst other things. It was befitting of my current space as look back on it. 

As I’m being molded and put back together. Each piece that was broken off of me never to to be picked back up again. A new narrative is being written. It’s been painful, uncomfortable and hard. I kept trying to run back to comfort but they were all stripped away. There is no going back. I have to face this unfamiliar place. 🤷🏽‍♀️🙄

I’m shattering the lies of the enemy:

Shattering the lie of me being a failure

Shattering Doubt 

Shattering Fear

Shattering the lie of Worthlessness 

Shattering the lie of Unlovable

Shattering the lie of I’ll never be (A wife, A mother, Successful, etc)

Shattering the lie that I have no voice

Shattering the lie that I’m Invisible 

Shattering my old mindset

Shattering the lie that I’m unqualified 

Shattering any and everything that do not line up with who/what God says I am.

It’s a process. 🙄😭 Although I lack understanding as to why. I have to believe that it was necessary and on the other side of this their is Beauty.

What lies are you shattering this year? 

#ShatteringTheLies #BEcoming #UpdatedVersionofMyself #Growthpains #Freedom #Restoration #ItWasNecessary #NewWine #ShatteredBeyondRecognition

Published by Tasha Marie

Come share my world, my pains and growth as embark on this new journey of my life.

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