STYLE AND BEAUTY Wedding Flow to Church Flow

This weekend my friend got married and the turn-up was real. I thought it was going to be a hard weekend for me to get through due my current life events. If I’m to be honest it was some difficult moments but I made it. Seeing the smile on her face made it worthwhile. I have some raw footage but I can’t post until she has posted it herself. I’ll be sure to update you guys when I can.

Kicking off June with this little dress that I typically do not wear. I felt naked. I was able to pull it off and got a lot of compliments. Before I selected this dress I was thinking of going with something a little more conservative and a different color. (LOL) But the Bride told me what color to wear and sent me a picture of a dress to wear. I think what I chose was conservative from what she suggested. She said and I quote, ” You can be feisty.”

My Dress: Fashion Nova

Shoes: Charlotte Russe I got them when they were going out of business

Wig: Chyna

Make-up By: I would definitely recommend her. She was amazing and had my face beat!!

I few weeks ago I had the pleasure of going home (Arkansas) for the first time in 5 long months. While I was there I came across this beautiful romper at TJ Maxx. I wasn’t going to get it but it was to pretty to pass up. Although blue is my favorite color green would be the runner up. Emerald green is my birth stone and I tend to gravitate towards it when I come across it. My clutch I fell in love with it the first time I saw it at Aldo. I had to have it. I got the matching shoes too. I purchased them about 5 to 6 years ago and also the gold plated belt. I purchased it from an online website called . It’s no longer avaliable on their website. My shoes are Steve Madden I got them a few years ago on sale when these shoes where pretty popular.

This romper was so comfortable and I loved the color. I did my make-up in this picture. I left the lashes on from the wedding because I have yet to master putting on them on. Soon enough I’m going to conquer it. (Lol) I hope. I didn’t wear any accessories this weekend with either outfit. Which is not my norm but overall I think I pulled both looks off. I was proud of myself this weekend because I didn’t wear a jacket. Now, I did bring one with me but I didn’t feel the urge to put it on. Why is that a big deal because I always wear one. Although, I am always cold but most of time it was a security blanket. (Small victories)

I hoped you enjoyed this blog. I’m still trying to find my flow with how I want my fashion blog to be. So, thanks in advance for your patience. I’m working on somethings and their is more to come. Thanks for stopping by. Thank you for your contunied encouragement and support.

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