Hey you guys I’m trying to be consistent with my blogs. Here is an outfit from Sunday! I had a shirt made with my motto for the year “DO IT SCARED” This year/season has been so uncomfortable and unfamiliar. It has been difficult but it has showed me what I am capable of once I push past fear and doubt. Which I allowed to stop me from doing numerous of things but I’m pushing past all of that. I’m taking a chance on me and investing in myself. I encourage you to do the same, “DO IT SCARED”!!!!!

Let’s start with these Shoes!! I didn’t get a good picture of them in the photo but I did take some outside of it so that you can see how BOMB they are. When I came across these shoes on Asos I fell in love with them. I haven’t come across a shoe that I love in a while and I had to have them. I was able to get them on sale. Here is the link: ( )

I love to support people. This young lady at my church sells jewelry and my beautiful earrings came from her online boutique. These pictures do not do them any justice. I believe the ones I have are out of stock but you should still check out her website. I have purchased other earrings from her and they are to die for. Here is the Link:

Now this wig is one of my favorites!!!!! Her name is Valentino and Baby she is the BOMB!! This wig is under $25 bucks. I have received a lot a compliments on this wig. I have this wig in another color as well. I’ll drop a few pictures of both. If you don’t have this wig in your collection you are missing out. As you can see you can switch up the parting. This is a synthetic wig and the colors I’m wearing is FFHOTCHOCO and 1B. Here is the link:

My black jeans I got from H&M they were on sale. I paid like $8 bucks for them. It was great buy.

My leopard print belt came from target. Here is the link:

My shirt I had made by one of my friends that has a T-shirt printing company called “Unique Visions”. She does quality work and her customer services is amazing. She has done several shirts for me and I support her whole heartily. She also has product of her own. You should check her out and be sure to support.

DO NOT let fear or doubt paralyze you anymore. The time is now!!


Thank you for the continuous support. I appreicate it!! There is more to come just working out some details and getting things where I want them to be. Again Thanks
Tasha Marie

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Come share my world, my pains and growth as embark on this new journey of my life.

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