Hello September. Man August was a little rough but I survived! I’m grateful for my smile/joy returning. One thing I can’t deny is my growth. I’m not the same person that I was and with every passing day I’m discovering new things about myself. I surely could have went with out the bruises and the pain. Truthfully I wouldn’t be becoming the woman I supposed to be with out the suffering that I endured. Learning the reason behind the why and that what I went through was for me. This has truly being a journey.

Supernatural September

What are you expecting this September? What are some of your goals?

Let’s get into this look……

I received several compliments on this wig. Her name is Ms. Nuna. I got her from my favorite website that I purchase my wigs from “” I will lists the links below.

You’ve already seen these beautiful earrings before from a previous post. You’re in luck “The Garden Jewelry Store” has recently restock these beauties and have them in different colors. Be sure to check them out.

Of course , the make-up was by me. I’m getting better at it.

Here are the Links: (Earrings) (wig)

This jacket is one of favorites. I purchased it about a few years ago from JC Penny’s it’s no longer available.

The shirt is also from a couple of years ago. I got it from a boutique that was called “Faithful Chic Boutique.” The name has changed to “God and Goals” however this design is no longer available. You still should check her website out. She has some Dope apparel.

My shoes are from “Aldo Shoes” they are so comfortable. I purchased these shoes last year. I had to have these. I love shoes and it had been awhile since I came across a show that grabbed my attention. Unfortunately, these aren’t available any longer. Although they do have some that are similar. These pictures don’t do these shoes any justice.

My jeans I got them from “HM” on sale for 8 bucks. I know right what a steal. They do have similar styles.

I hope you enjoyed this look. I’ll be posting more this month. I have a trip coming in 2 weeks that I can wait for you see the outfits that I have put together . So stay tuned. As always thank you for your continuous support.

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Come share my world, my pains and growth as embark on this new journey of my life.


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