My Thoughts: The Pursuit

I wrote this about a week after getting back from the Bahamas. I often get revelations or perspective after life experiences. (🙄) I mostly process it in my mind but I’ve started to write them down now. So, I thought I would share.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words or as I’ve once read worth a thousand lies. Many only see the end result of a photo but hardly know the story behind what it took to get it. As I take a look at this photo I began to think of the journey it took for me to get this one picture. What you don’t know is that it was raining during this picture. Earlier that morning I had to run in the pouring rain to catch the tour bus that was taking me to my next destination. I had nothing that you would use to protect myself from the rain. The only thing that I was able to simi protect was my head/wig and that was because I had a hat. What you don’t see is my disappointment because I couldn’t fully enjoy my stay in the Bahamas because of the weather. They closed the beaches, most the main attractions were closed or not operating fully due to the weather. But yet I had a goal. My goal was to enjoy my stay although what I envision was altered.

I had to endure some discomfort because who likes to be drenched in rain. Who likes to hear that the main thing you wanted to enjoy was closed. I had to endure people with their own agendas although the agenda had been discuss for the day. Since the things on the tour were closed our driver deviated from the route and took us other places. Our last stop before headed back to ship I got a little frustrated voiced it because I had zero understanding of what was currently taken place. Anyway, a couple of people went their own path, the others and I stayed and fellowshipped. We headed back to the ship. When we got back I still wanted explore and get close to the beach as I possibly could. I didn’t care if I went by myself or not because again I had a goal. One person decided to go with me and the others headed back to ship. Although I wanted to walk further I settled for this particular part. I thanked the individual with me and she stated, “I know how important it was to you.”

I say all that to say this how many things have you forfeited because of discomfort? How many things you said forget it because the path that you planned was altered or just seemed at every turn it was something. People that started with you, that you thought was going endure the journey with you finally show you their true motives. They show you that they had another agenda and departed from you. As you begin to get closer to your goal more people begin to leave. You get frustrated, disappointed, and slightly mad because it looks nothing like you thought it would. You had to push past the discomfort, push past closed doors, push past the people walking away, and push past yourself to remain focus on the main goal.

The same way I was determined to enjoy myself despite everything that I wanted to do being altered. Is the same way God wants me to be about him and my purpose. If I’ll keep my focus on him and on the objective/ goal ahead the reward is greater. Although many may leave during the journey you’ll have one that is willing to go the distance with you. They know the vision, they don’t mind getting in the trenches with you, don’t mind enduring the hardships with you and they know how important it is for you to reach your goal.

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Come share my world, my pains and growth as embark on this new journey of my life.

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