Style & Beauty W/Tasha Marie “Stepping Out”

Hello you guys! Well it’s the last month of the year not only that the last month of a Decade. My pastor has been saying that over the past couple of months. It put things in perspective and also causes you to reflect. My question to you is how will you be closing out this decade? Have you set your goals for 2020? Not only that but for the next few years. How will Finish the year? May I encourage you to FINISH STRONG! No matter how your year begun Finish Strong! My declaration is that my year will not end how it started. My 2020 definitely will not begin how it did this year.

Over the past couple of weeks I had the pleasure of attending two events. So, I had step out into something fly or a little “Razzle Dazzle” as I call it. The first event I attending was from Pastor Phineka, “Girls Gone Live,” event. Now she’s always on point with her fashion. Her style is so DOPE like seriously. For her event she stated, ” We want to see your cute trendy look ladies, show us what trendy means to you!” Who was I not to oblige? This was not my original outfit but I’m so glad I chose it. I got several compliments on this outfit.

Let’s get into this look.

Hair and Make-up

You should be familiar with Ms. Yvonne. This is a wig that I wore on my previous blog. I still love this wig. I want to try it in another color. We shall see what color I will try next.

I beat my own face. Which I believe I’m getting better at my make-up. Some days are hit and miss. I don’t wear make-up everyday just on the weekends. That is true with my wigs as well.

When I come to work all dressed up I’m always so tickled how my co-workers respond. I tell them I look different outside of work. I’m working on dressing up every day for work but that is a working progress.

The Outfit

Where do I start? Everything has been shown on previous blogs instead of the skirt. I got my skirt from Rainbow for under $20 and the booties were a gift. I have no clue where they came from. I switched my shoes up throughout the day. I went from heels to booties.

This shirt I had made. I wore it in my photoshoot at the beginning of the year. Unique Visions by Tangela Hurley made it for me. It says “BLOGGIN.”

I wore this shoes to give it a pop color. I felt that if I wore a black shoe it wouldn’t give me the look I was going for. The details in the shoe gave me what I needed.

The “pleather” skirt I absolutely love it. I’ve always wanted one but never could find one that I like. When I came across this skirt I had to have.

Get you someone that can do both. I always bring back up shoes especially if I wear heels. These dope black booties with the studs happen to be my back up shoe this day which worked out perfectly. From heels to stylish yet comfortable booties. I received compliments on all around for this look. I felt good and looked amazing it.

This event was amazing. I was happy that I pushed myself to go. I was operating on a hour and half sleep. (yea) However it was worth it. The guest speakers that she had speak at this event was impactful and their message right on time. Pastor AD walked my entire life that I’ve experienced this year. I told him that it was disrespectful how he came for my life. I left this event feeling inspired.

The second look I wore to my church Gala! When I came across this dress I feel in love with it. However, the color I wanted they didn’t have it available. I ended up going with my original choice. What was ironic is after I purchased my original choice the dress became available in Black. As you can see I purchased it. Now I typically do not wear dresses like this I’m more on the conservative side. I’m trying to venture out of my comfort zone a little. What I didn’t know is that this dress would do that and more. You’ll understand why as you begin to see the pictures. Disclaimer: I didn’t know!!!! I wouldn’t have never wore it to a church function. (LOL)

I wanted something sexy but classy. I was slightly uncomfortable because my split was higher than I expected. I normally cover up and don’t have as much skin or have my tattoos showing. I guess you can say I went out with a bang….

My shoes I got from”Go Jane” I finally was able to get me a pair of clear heels. These shoes weren’t as comfortable as the others that I have that are similar.

I did my own make-up which turned out pretty good. I love the metallic lip I did. I put eyeshadow on top of my red lipstick which created the look I wanted.

This wig is Valentino but I cut it into a short bob. I actually love it more with this length than the original length. You can go back to review a few of my blogs to see the original version of this wig.

I received a reward! I was dumb founded and completely caught off guard. I was not expecting it at all. I always try to stay out of the public eye. I try to remain in the shadows and hide. I don’t like attention at all. Even as I’ve grown I still shy away from the spot light. I got the “Volunteer of the Year Award” from ANWA Youth Department.

. See My Back Up Shoes

This Dress though!! So, this dress ended being sheer and I had no clue until I took pictures. RIGHT!!! This is why I had to give a disclaimer. It wasn’t noticeable until I took pictures with a flash. I was safe until then. Good thing I had on the proper under garments….(LOL) Minus that small detail and me getting over being uncomfortable. I felt “BEAUTIFUL” in this dress! This dress compliment by body very well. I received a lot of compliments.

I purchased this dress from “Touch Dolls” but it is sold out on their website at this time. but I located the dress on another website which I’ve listed for you below.

The other website is “Giti Online” It has more colors available.


Although, I still have more growing to do “I’m proud of me”. I can say that the more I begin to discover myself the more I realize how Resilient I am. With everything I endured this year I’m still standing and I’m doing it gracefully.

You haven’t seen anything yet!

2019″ my motto was “Do it Scared”

2020″ My Motto is “Talitha cumi,” which means, “Little girl, I say to you, arise.” TASHA, GET UP!”

Thank you for stopping by! Let me know what you think about the looks! I appreciate your support always. Feel free to share and comment.

Happy Holidays

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