The Warrior Effect: HighlightHER Tasha Marie

Hey you guys!! How’s everything been going? I know I’ve been quiet but I’m slowly coming back. Here’s a sign that I am. (LOL) This month is “Women’s History Month

The Warrior Effect is celebrating it with a weekly HighlightHER and I was featured. I wasn’t able to Reblog it like I’d hope. So, I decided to just post it on my blog and direct to their website to check out the Q&A segment I did. It was indeed a honor to be selected as one of the women they wanted to highlight. I’m always surprised when people are mindful of me. Please check it out the link to their website is listed below. Check out the small video clip. Follow their blog, comment and share. The Warrior Effect is on to something big.

✨⚡️HighlightHER: Tasha Marie⚡️✨ This week’s segment is featuring the wonderful Tasha Marie. Tasha is a blogger, fashion enthusiast, midwife, and more!!

Head over to to check out her full Q&A section. It’s absolutely amazing!

#WarriorEffect #WomenWhoLift #HighlightHER #ATL #blog #Blogger #empoweringwomen #EmpoweredWomenEmpowerWomen #Christian #WomensHistory 💜✨🦋

Listen to the clip of her telling you how you too can “Awaken Your Inner Warrior!”

“Awaken Your Inner Warrior!”

Thank you guys for your continued support!

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