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Hello Beautiful People!! How is everyone doing? I hope you guys are staying safe and taking precautions when you have to be out. What have you all been doing with your time? Let me know in the comments. I’ve been resting and adjusting to working from home. I’m home body but having to stay in more than usual has me ready to get out. A trip to the grocery store is like a vacation because I get to see people. (LOL) If you see me now you would think something is wrong with me. Last Sunday (Easter), I got up like I was going to church. I beat my face and tried on my 2 new wigs. I will drop some pictures soon. Before everything was shut down I had a chance to support a friend.

In February I went to an event called, “Cocktails, Art, & Soul.” It was an intimate setting and had a very nice vibe. The live performances captivated the crowd. I had the opportunity to see someone I know in their element for the first time. She killed and set the tone for the evening. As you all know I love to see people doing what they love and seeing things they’ve worked hard for come to fruition. I’ll share a snippet of Charese performance below.

Let’s Get Into the Look

Have you came across something and you knew instantly you had to have it. This dress was something I knew I had to add to my wardrobe. It was a very popular item. One day I was lucky they had my size in stock and I didn’t waste anytime to purchase it. I must say it was a great choice. This dress came in different colors and different styles. The dress accentuated my curves and hugged my body in the right places. I received several compliments this night. It had your girl feeling herself and I must say I clean up very well.

I’ve been wanting to try the half up and half down ponytail look since it became popular again. However, I don’t know many beautician in Atlanta. One of things I miss about home. Youtube has become my bestfriend when it comes to hair. I was on their one day searching for ways I could do his hairstyle myself. I came across a video that used a half wig for the look. I went to my favorite website and purchased this wig. Her name is “ASHANI,” and I must say this was one of the best investment I made. This hair style was simple, saved me time and cheap. When I told people it was a wig they couldn’t believe it.

Ms. Ashani was a lot of hair and after this night I cut her shorter. I recommend you adding her to your collection. I would encourage you to purchase 2. One for backup being that this is a popular hair style it may become hard to catch it in stock. I will post the link below.


I wanted to do a simple make-up look. My day was very busy it was really all I had time for. I thought doing a red lip was be fitting.

Here is the link to see the snippet of Charese performance:

The dress is out of stock on the website I purchase my dress from but here is a website with a similar dress:

Here is the link to the Half Wig:

Thank you for taking the time to check out this look. I appreciate you for rocking with me and your constant support. Until next time stay safe!!

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6 thoughts on “Style & Beauty W/ Tasha Marie

  1. Oh yassssssss honey you definitely killed this look. I love the colors and this dress is everything! Your hair is super cute!! Thanks for sharing the links gorgeous.

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