My Black Is Beautiful

Hey you guys!! I hope you all have been doing well! I know it’s been a long time since I posted but I am getting back into the swing of things. I’ve been struggling with writing lately. It’s been a constant battle reminding myself to continue and that what I am doing is needed.

Since I have been working from home the desire to put clothes on has been non existent. I actually get annoyed when something requires me to have to. In so many words I feel like I let myself go. It seems my focus has been on things I don’t like about my body. Like how my thighs are spreading and beginning to touch. This muffin top I have developed has me self conscious about my body and my overall appearance . It’s crazy to live in a world that sees the color of my skin as something ugly and unworthy to live. Somehow throughout my life I viewed myself the same.

Throughout these unprecedented times it has been difficult mentally. Being in the house and being to myself seems all too familiar. Normally I would be in heaven being to myself and declining invitation to be a part of events. This has changed shocking I know. Although I still enjoy my me time, I get people out and have to recharge. I know my limits. Truthfully, I enjoy fellowshipping with people. I enjoy great conversations and creating memories. I used to think I didn’t love people but that wasn’t the case it’s just my love for people looked differently than others.

What/who have compared yourself to that hinders you from seeing the beauty in how you do things?

Learning new things about myself has been interesting. I’m redefining how I see things and my perspective. Why am I sharing things? Because I had to come to an understanding of the beauty of me. What does that mean? We all have overcome and conquered things. Is that not beautiful?  Choose to celebrate the beauty in your growth and your small victories. Choose to celebrate the beauty in protecting your peace. Choose to celebrate the beauty in loving yourself. Choose to celebrate the beauty in who you are. Choose to celebrate your Blackness.

No matter what the world tell us about our blackness.


You are Beautiful! You are Magical. You are Resilient! You are Powerful! You are Dope!











You’re A Queen

I decided to start back taking pictures. Well of myself for the time being. Falling in love with me while I rekindle my love for photography. I love capturing moments and creating memories. I’m taking myself on a journey. Have you been struggling with seeing yourself as beautiful then you should do this challenge with me. Click the link below: It’s a 21 days of beauty challenge. Starts tomorrow until August 21st.

Lets remind ourselves of how Beautiful we are.

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Come share my world, my pains and growth as embark on this new journey of my life.

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