Style and Beauty w/ Tasha Marie: Enjoying Life

Hey you guys!! I hope all is well. I pray you are making time for self care and for your mental health. It is very important with all that is going on in this world. Be sure you are taking care of yourself so you can continue to take care of your loved ones.

This month I was intentional about getting out and being around people. It was self-care for me as you know this month is bittersweet. Instead of celebrating I’m reminded of what is no longer. Although I’m in a good place it doesn’t make it less difficult. I still remember how happy I was and the joy. I remember how alive I felt. Tears still flow, parts of me still don’t understand and question why? Anyway, I made sure I did things that brought me joy and loved. For a weekend I had something to do each day.

Limited Edition

Now let’s get into this look. You all don’t understand how big this is. I never wear anything short and not without something covering me up. I wasn’t self-conscious and owned every bit of it. I felt comfortable and confident. I was excited because, for three years, I’ve been trying to go to Botanical Gardens, and I finally made it. I was like a little kid on Christmas Day.

Sunday’s: OOTD

This was originally my birthday outfit but my birthday didn’t go as planned. When I first saw this shirt on the Fashion Nova website I had to have it.  This is something you must add to your wardrobe. It’s comfortable and you can dress it up or down. As you can see in the pictures I wore it with sneakers and heels. You can pair this with some jeans, as well.  You’re in luck because they just restocked this item and it has additional colors.

What song you think was going through my head?

This is the only close up I have of my makeup and my wig.  This picture was before I applied my red lipstick.  I’m always surprised when my make-up comes out the way I want. (Lol) Sometimes it can be hit or miss for me. Oh, but on this day, I won the battle even with my brows. My brows don’t always look like sisters. How many can relate? Let’s just say this was a good brow day.

This wig is everything; her name is Ms. Verona. I love the color and how it is made. I may end up cutting it later on for more of a bob look. Note to self do not wear a long wig to Botanical Gardens during the day. I was over this hair by the time we left. I can’t forget about the press on nails I applied. I wanted to make sure I completed the look. I wanted to make sure I finished my self-care weekend with a bang.

These shoes I got last year from Fashion Nova. They appear to be out of stock. I love these shoes because they are comfortable and of course the color. This gave me just enough to make my outfit pop. The red handbag was a birthday gift not sure where it was purchased. This handbag came in handy and brought a pop of color to complete this look.

Saturday : OOTD

This was on a Saturday. I had lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in over a year. We were able to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. Our conversation are always so needed.

This wig isn’t new you all know her as Ms. Valentino. When the ends started getting bad I cut her into a blog. You can purchase Ms. Valentino on any wig website. Some of my go to’s websites are,, The earrings I purchased from Shein. and I absolutely love them. Do yourself a favor and add them to your accessories. You peep this lighting. I’ve been playing with my camera equipment again. I did a slight beat on my face and these brows though.

I came across this little number on one of my favorite sites I love the color block and the of course the pockets. This dress is no longer available. The shoes I purchased from Fashion Nova. It took me awhile to find these and especially in my size. They are very comfortable you should add at least one pair to your shoe collection. You can wear these shoes with just about anything.

Friday Night: OOTD

I decided to try something new and went to wine tasting. It was a good experience and learned a lot about wine. I found out I do not like bitter wine. It’s nasty (lol) I’ll stick with what I know and hopefully get introduced to some knew wine through friends as I have recently. I’m exciting about the new things I have come to love and enjoy.

I met some new people and discussed some interesting topics that seemed inappropriate in other settings. However, it was felt good to be among women who were one with themselves and able to have open dialogue about certain topics. I tried something new which is a big deal for a picky eater like me. I tried SPICY CRAB RANGOON when I tell you they were “FYE.” I should have bought me some to go. My palate is expanding which is a huge deal. My friends be so proud of me. You should see them when I try a new food how they watch me eat to see if I like it. I be so tickled. When I say I do they be excited if it another battle they have won.

I’m still discovering new things about myself daily. I’m becoming more of who I am and stop trying hide from the world.

For so long I shrunk back and remain quiet because I was afraid people couldn’t handle who I was. Although that maybe true for some however you either take me as I am or have nothing at all. (Mary J. Blige Voice) I’m still growing. The same way I except and love you where you are in your journey extend me the same grace.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog and showing me some love. Please feel free to leave a comment and share this blog. If you’re not subscribed or following my blog please do so. Until next time stay safe.

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4 thoughts on “Style and Beauty w/ Tasha Marie: Enjoying Life

  1. This was a cute read. I learned about you as the writer, you provided links to purchase which was GREAT, and it was honest and humorous. I wished I could see a little more of outfit 3 but loved all 3 from head to toe. Outfit #2 my absolute favorite. Great job Tasha.

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