Style and Beauty Birthday Weekend

So, I’m super excited and nervous to post my first official Fashion blog post!! Last Sunday was my 34th Birthday and I thought what better way to kick it off with outfits that wore during my birthday weekend. Let’s start with Saturday I’m rocking a pair of one of my favorite high waisted jeans (GoContinue reading “Style and Beauty Birthday Weekend”

My Truth: Shattered

A couple of months ago I was trying find a word to describe my current space. Shattered is what came to mind.  ●to damage, as by breaking or crushing It seemed my world had crashed and everything was unfamiliar to me. I felt that I had lost more than I had gained. My dreams, myContinue reading “My Truth: Shattered”

Style and Beauty w/ Tasha Marie

A few years ago someone suggested that I start a Fashion blog. I replied, “That is a great idea and I’m going to look into it.” To be honest I wanted to but self-doubt and fear crept in. I had already disqualified myself. In my mind, I was saying things like, what qualifies me toContinue reading “Style and Beauty w/ Tasha Marie”