My Truth: Walking Dead

At the beginning of the year I wrote blog titled, “Tasha, Get up!” It was during the time when everything going on in my life was fresh. My husband at the time had walked out the door and, simultaneously, so did everyone else. Everything I tried to build came crashing down. My life was inContinue reading “My Truth: Walking Dead”

Style & Beauty W/Tasha Marie: Supporting Friends Edition

Hey you guys!! Guess what today is my BLOGversary!! (yep I made that up) Today marks 1 year that I started my blog. I can’t believe it! I never thought that people would respond how they have over the course of this year. My prayer is that my blog continues to grow and touch people allContinue reading “Style & Beauty W/Tasha Marie: Supporting Friends Edition”

Style & Beauty w/ Tasha Marie Sunday’s OOTD

Hello, you guys. It has been a while since I’ve posted. I do apologize it has been a rough couple of months. However, I am back. If you guys have been following me on social media you will notice that I haven’t posted in a while. The reason for that is because I decided toContinue reading “Style & Beauty w/ Tasha Marie Sunday’s OOTD”

My Thoughts: The Pursuit

I wrote this about a week after getting back from the Bahamas. I often get revelations or perspective after life experiences. (🙄) I mostly process it in my mind but I’ve started to write them down now. So, I thought I would share. They say pictures are worth a thousand words or as I’ve onceContinue reading “My Thoughts: The Pursuit”


Hello September. Man August was a little rough but I survived! I’m grateful for my smile/joy returning. One thing I can’t deny is my growth. I’m not the same person that I was and with every passing day I’m discovering new things about myself. I surely could have went with out the bruises and theContinue reading “STYLE AND BEAUTY WITH TASHA MARIE”

My Truth: Learning to Grieve

My emotions have been everywhere as my 2 years in Atlanta approaches and what would have been my 2 year wedding anniversary. Facebook memories reminding me of the excitement and how happy I was preparing for both. Embarking on a new chapter of my life not knowing what lies ahead. Instead of creating new memoriesContinue reading “My Truth: Learning to Grieve”


Hey you guys I’m trying to be consistent with my blogs. Here is an outfit from Sunday! I had a shirt made with my motto for the year “DO IT SCARED” This year/season has been so uncomfortable and unfamiliar. It has been difficult but it has showed me what I am capable of once IContinue reading “STYLE AND BEAUTY WITH TASHA MARIE”


If you have been following my blog you’ll see that I’ve struggled with seeing myself as beautiful. From being teased about my gap as an adolescent, feeling like the ugly duckling in my family, the sexual abuse and the absentee father. All of that made me see myself differently. That shaped a false perception ofContinue reading “MY TRUTH: BEAUTIFUL BEAUTY MARKS”

Style and Beauty Birthday Weekend

So, I’m super excited and nervous to post my first official Fashion blog post!! Last Sunday was my 34th Birthday and I thought what better way to kick it off with outfits that wore during my birthday weekend. Let’s start with Saturday I’m rocking a pair of one of my favorite high waisted jeans (GoContinue reading “Style and Beauty Birthday Weekend”