➡️Show Me Your Friends and I’ll Show You Your Future⬅️ -Pastor John Faison The importance of having the right people around you. One of the things I was missing when I moved to Atlanta were friends. It made my transition difficult because I wanted what I had back home. I’m very protective of who I allow in my space. My prayer became God staff me with right people. It wasn’t easy because I had to figure out who was really for me. I can finally say after 3 years I have friends. One thing for sure they will not allow me stay where I am. I can be my authentic self around them and have candid conversations. They’ll tell me the truth even when I don’t want to hear it. Make sure you have people that will believe in you when your struggling to believe in yourself. People that will push you and want to see you become the best version of yourself. People that supports you and tell you how proud they are. People who will go to war over you. Listen most of my friends were already building. By me being connected to them and seeing them grind made me want it for myself. Re-evaluate your friends. Make sure you have people properly placed in your life. They’re either adding value to you or taking away from you. * Stop Accepting Mediocre from people when you’re giving them your best. #friendssupportfriends

My Truth: Divorcing Me (Part 1)

This year I grieved something unexpected, myself. I have come to terms with I can no longer hold on to the old version of me. I didn’t understand until recently why this year has been exhausting mentally. Yes, the world we live in has been chaotic, but this internal battle within me has been evenContinue reading “My Truth: Divorcing Me (Part 1)”

My Truth: Walking Dead

At the beginning of the year I wrote blog titled, “Tasha, Get up!” It was during the time when everything going on in my life was fresh. My husband at the time had walked out the door and, simultaneously, so did everyone else. Everything I tried to build came crashing down. My life was inContinue reading “My Truth: Walking Dead”